Phonocar Multimedia Catalogue 2020

MONITOR VM155 MULTIMEDIA HEADREST 12.5" TFT/LCD MONITOR CAPACITIVE TOUCH SCREEN with ANDROID operating system • 12.5” 4K TFT/LCD Monitor • Capacitive touch screen • 1920x1080 pixel resolution • 1080 pixel video playback • Android 7.1 Operating System • OCTA CORE and 2GB RAM processor • Built-in WI-FI antenna • 1 x 32GB 2.0 USB port • 1 x 32 GB SD CARD slot • 1 x HDMI input resolution • 1 x Audio/Video input • Bluetooth A2DP headphones • VIDEO formats supported: MPEG4, AVI • AUDIO formats supported: MP3, WAV • Built-in speakers • 12V power supply • Headrest mounting bracket included UNIVERSAL INSTALLATION Can be installed on cars, campervans and other vehicles . TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: This multimedia headrest monitor is ideal for en- tertaining all passengers because it combines the quality of 4K video playback with the ability to watch content from a variety of sources. MOVIES, VIDEOS AND IMAGES IN 4K With the VM155 Monitor, you can watch movies, videos and high-resolution images from USB de- vices, SD Cards or directly fromYouTube. ENTERTAINMENT and CONNECTIVITY for passengers of all ages! Download games APPs and more!* P’ay Store Watch the ’atest SERIES NETFLIX PRE- INSTALLED Netflix is pre-installed on the VM155 Monitor, so just log on to your profile to use it like at home and continue viewing your favourite series. APP AND WEB You can surf the web and download APPs* from the Play Store to the VM155 Monitor using the smartphone data network (connecting Monitor and smartphones withWI-FI). *compatibility of all APPs is not guaranteed MUSIC AND AUDIO With the Bluetooth A2DP, you can listen to music from your smartphone and plug in a Bluetooth headset (see Bluetooth Phonocar VM406 stereo headset) so as not to disturb other passengers. QUALITY AND DESIGN The elegant design of this monitor suits every ve- hicle and its quality makes the viewing pleasant without straining the eyesight. Thanks to the Capacitive Touch Screen, scrolling the menus and using the APPs is simple and intuitive. 39