Phonocar_Targa Telematics_Satellite Tracking

4 09521 SECURITY Mini GPS tracker for vehicles that can be connected to an acoustic alarm MAIN FEATURES • small size • easy to install • satellite tracking • crash report function in real time • road assistance function • for insurance applications and leasing • Dedicated APP TARGA SMART MOBILITY The SECURITY 09521 is a compact and adjustable GPS tracking device perfect for providing security and utmost control to high-mileage vehicles. Combined with the SECURITY service, it offers important reports for both professional and insurance use. These reports can be easily accessed via the TARGA SMART MOBILITY APP. Thanks to the ‘road assistance’ function it is possible to analyse historical data on the state and behaviour of vehicles and drivers, while the ‘crash report’ function provides, in the event of an accident, a report with all the data collected (impact speed, deceleration, position, direction, etc.). The SECURITY tracker 09521 can be connected toanewor previously installed acoustic alarm in the vehicle and can be combined with the GHOST 09520. The combination of 09520 + 09521 is the SUPER SAFE, a service thought for the highest security. 2 SERVICE CARDS required for 12 MONTHS OF SECURITY SERVICE General specifications Dimensions 6,3 x 5 x 2,2 cm Battery Lithium from 250 mAh Operating temp. -30°C / +70°C Inputs / Outputs 1 input and 1 output for connection to external devices Power from 12Vdc to 24V dc