Phonocar_Targa Telematics_Satellite Tracking

3 09520 GHOST GPS tracker for recovering stolen vehicles MAIN FEATURES • small dimensions • easy to install • satellite tracking • programmable position sending • dedicated APP TARGA SMART MOBILITY The GHOST 09520 is an extremely compact GPS tracking device that does not require electrical connections. It is activated in the event of theft and makes it easier to recover the vehicle, having one of the highest recovery rates on the market. A true guarantee of security for both individuals and companies, who want to protect themselves with an always active service, while relying on Europe- wide coverage. Designed to be hidden in hard-to- discover places and equipped with a long-lasting self-powered internal battery, it is the best security device for cars, fleets, containers, trailers, campers, motorcycles, etc. 2 SERVICE CARDS included 24 MONTHS OF GHOST SERVICE included The dedicated TARGA SMART MOBILITY APP makes it possible to communicate directly with the Monitoring Centres. General specifications Dimensions 4,8 x 4,6 x 1,7 cm Battery Lithium from 2400 mAh Operating Temp. -20°C / +60°C Operating mode - Continue - Energy saving - Hibernation Low battery alarm Alerts you when the battery is running low. Reactivation report Reactivation at defined time intervals or on request.