Phonocar_ Accessories 2021 catalogue

brief history today specific lines ACCESSORIES Line Since the introduction of MULTIMEDIA SYSTEMS, the Accessories Line has focused on the installation and/or replacement of the original on-board system. Today it includes ABS 1 and 2 DIN Car Radio Adapters of various colours and types for perfect aesthetic performances. But also electric and electronic items such as Cables and Interfaces to establish connections to the main system or for restoring facilities (feeds and steering wheel control). The wide line of Loudspeaker Adapters is dedicated to the installation of LOUDSPEAKERS in car doors, parcel shelves and dashboards. Of course, the catalogue also includes Antennas and Rods , all Electrical Accessories (fuses and fuse holders, terminals, insulatings, filters, switches etc.) Tyre Pressure Sensors (control and safety devices for trucks and lorries), Parking Sensors (kit for front or rear bumpers), as well as everything needed for Interior fittings (carpet, spray glue, cloths and grilles for loudspeakers, etc.). Phonocar Accessories Line was born in 1972 to provide installers with all the necessary components for setting up customised HI-FI systems. Since then, Phonocar has increasingly expanded its portfolio until today, being able to match all infotainment requests. The brand new line of products for passenger compartment sanitisation and safety that includes anti Covid 19 devices, air and surface sanitisers, and the Baby Seat Alarm (the practical wireless car seat alarm). HI-FI CABLES with high conductivity and extremely flexible. The innovative adhesive film for removing scratches from alloy rims available in 19 metallic and matt colours.